How iCharity Works?

Its simple and straight forward, in 3 easy steps.

1. Join Now

Sign up for an account. Provide your preferred methods to accept donation. Local bank accounts, Paypal, Bitcoin etc.

2. Give Donation

Make a donation directly to the assigned member. The member will approve and upgrade your membership status.

3. Receive Donations

You can start receiving donations directly to your bank account. Your referrer can help you, and you can help your referrals to find donators.

New! Unlimited Donations

The new iCharity algorithm no longer limit the number of donators. To appreciate your effort, all new members that you invited will be your direct donators. Hence your earning will be unlimited too. The old iCharity earning table is obsolete.

Work Together With Spillover

Using spillover feature, you can help other members whose direct donators, to earn donation faster. Spillover help to distribute your new invited members to be your direct donators' donator. This way, your passive or less lucky donator can start earn donations too. You can choose to enable or disable this feature.

Easy To Use Member Panel & Dashboard

Every registered member gets to use the same smart account management panel. All item such as profile setting, list of donations and donators, transaction records, marketing tools, etc., can be accessed easily.

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It's a free to use platform.
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